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3D Realistic Fireplace Screen Saver

This screensaver instantly brings genuine flame realism and the beauty of a wood burning
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12 February 2013

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In our modern day homes we generally use electronic heating appliances to keep it warm in winters. And with time many city dwellers have shifted from keeping a fireplace at their homes into employing electronic heating appliances to keep themselves and their homes warm. In one way this shift actually has done good to the environment as it curbs pollution and also safety measures is kept up. But if you still want to experience the good old days of making yourself warm in front of the fire then 3D Realistic Fireplace Screen Saver 3.96 is a superb solution to make it happen. This screen saver has all the things in it to deliver a perfect ambiance of possessing a virtual fireplace glaring brightly on your PC screen.

When you will relish the fire place that 3D Realistic Fireplace Screen Saver 3.96 will bring in front of you, we guarantee you that you will get soaked up in the entire warmth and beauty of it. In fact you will truly become nostalgic and remember all those moments you spent in front of the fireplace at your grandmas or grandpas house. The reality and natural display of the screen saver which you can experience with its revolutionary 3D technology is truly brilliant and striking. Well looks is not the only thing that the screensaver boasts off, but also realistic sounds of the burning fire, pops and crackling sounds that erupts out of the blazing fire is stunning to say the least. Further to make the screen saver match your mood you can adjust both its visual glow and burning sounds also.

Given the amount of true pleasure and delight that this warm and bright screen saver promises to deliver we allot it with nothing less than three stars on a degree of five stars. Sip your coffee and enjoy the warmth oozing out of your computer screen!

Publisher's description

3D Realistic Fireplace Screen Saver instantly brings the irresistible charm of an open wood burning fire onto your Windows desktop. You can now have the warmth, ambiance and romance of a fireplace - wherever and whenever you want.
It looks better than a real video tape! The 3D accelerated video graphics deliver genuine flame realism and bring the beauty of a wood burning fire onto your computer monitor or widescreen TV.
You will hear the sounds of the snap, crackle, and pop of a roaring fire and in the warm glow of the firelight, recreate the atmosphere of those memorable gatherings around the campfire.
The screen saver comes with controls that allow you to change adjust the flame ambience from roaring flames to glowing embers to suit any mood.
This latest release of screen saver includes burning logs, sparkles, smoke, three fireplace types, three fireguards and seven fireplace materials.
3D Realistic Fireplace Screen Saver
3D Realistic Fireplace Screen Saver
Version 3.96
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